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Gravel Girls Insane Event!

I was with the Danish BMW GS team (my other half rides a 1150 GS ADV) on the east coast of Denmark. Once a year they have a competition consisting of 5 different tasks. Mainly on bike! Last year I rode as passenger on the Adv. So this was my first time of everything..... Last years winner has to arrange it all. Fortunately its was a couple of military guys who won. So they fixed two days of extreme riding in their terrain! We had 2-5 cm of loose gravel, sand, tank tracks and minimal of asphalt on the rides. My god i was up for the treat of my life.

Just hanging around the old steady bike

Not all came on an old out beaten BMW!

Newbee Off-Road

Very proud of hanging with the big guys

We started out with night road book. 28 km on gravel, sand and asphalt with a lamp glued to my helmet! Nice :wink: Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures on that ride. But if I had, it would still scare me to look at them. I passed several of my limits that night. The bike!?! Gebus its faaaantastic :o) It took me 63 minutes to do it. And I'm very proud

After that it was mountain bike and night vision googles to find a post and back again as fast as possible. Hmmm. Did anyone say bad shape

Saturday the girls (me included of course) had a special training in the terrain. While the guys had a 103 km road book trip! We learned some basics plus got some more confidence in handling the bike while standing still. Walking around it, getting of on the right side and such. So filled up with confidence we drove of to try out new stuff. The guy teaching us does works as an instructor on the military off-road bikes. So he knew what he was doing and may I say I would anytime sign up for a new course with him.

After lunch me and a couple of the other girls rode with the guys on an orientation thing. OOOOHHHH MYYY GOD. That was hell rising to the surface. At my fist post I rode down the wrong path and almost ended up drowning the bike in mud. Standing all alone and struggling to keep the bike running and not digging it down in the mud. Almost crying of frustration I managed to push it out and turn around back on the gravel. Glad no one passed me on the road, I would have splashed them down with mud. :lol: I must say that when I came back 60,5 km and a couple of hours later I was mad angry, tired, wet from sweat and not quite happy. So the last challenge was just what I needed. Shooting with a 9 mm something at wooden markings. My need of yelling and behaving nuts left me in a minute.

Notice the track.. Hmmm. stearing in powder sand isn't the same as you might think

My boyfriend stopped to pick flowers for me. Sweet.

I ran through a lot of feelings Good and Bad (most bad) that day. Now I know how the Dakar riders must feel after riding for a day in Sahara. No way. That urge is settled now! I think we all came round feelings we had forgotten. Imagine standing on the wrong road, the bike is digging down in powder sand. Youre facing a stream on one side and a hill going up wards on the other... No mobile and the walkie-talkie is out of reach.... GLUB!!!! What to do what to do!!! Just gather up all of my anger and bad temper and go nuts by pulling and pushing the bike loose while trying to have it in 1. gear! And Woopty it came round without being down. Going back again all I could think of was WHY WHY do we do this??? Now I know Because its fun. And no matter if my body still feels like being beated up by 4 big lads with stick Id do it again. Sick!

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